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Will you be under 23 years old on 5 June 2017? *

If so, we can let you know about Youth Program for Progress 2017 .
Are you of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander heritage? *

Are you a refugee or person seeking asylum? *

Are you a person with disability? Please note that we provide free tickets for an accompanying carer or support worker.

If applicable, please note any accessibility requirements that you have.

What social change organisation do you currently volunteer with? If you don't volunteer anywhere, just write 'N/A' *

How many hours per week do you volunteer with the organisation you mentioned in the last question? *

Are you employed? If you are, where do you work and how often? *

Please explain why you, your employer, or your volunteer organisation are unable to pay for a full-price ticket? *

Can you explain in 1-2 sentences why you are interested in attending Progress 2017? *

Where will you be travelling from to attend Progress 2017 in Melbourne? *

How will you secure time off on 6-7 June 2017 to attend the conference? *

Please note you may need to take additional days off depending on how far you have to travel.
Which of the following are you applying for? *

Please provide your phone number, in case we need to get in touch. *

Lastly, how did you hear about Progress 2017? And how did you hear about this Scholarship opportunity?

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Thank you for applying for a Progress 2017 Scholarship!

At this stage we have a very small number of Scholarships remaining and are filling places on a rolling basis as we receive applications.  If you know anyone else who might be eligible for this opportunity, encourage them to apply as soon as possible.

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